Some people believe that when it comes to billiards it does not matter what type of cue you are using. Well, I have been playing billiards for over two decades now and I can tell you that it definitely does matter. If you are using a cue that you do not feel at one with, then you will be thinking about it while playing your shots, which will lead to uncharacteristic misses. When you are playing billiards, the cue needs to be an extension of your arm. Below I am going to provide you with some of the best cues on the market at the moment.


Viper Revolution 58” (2-Piece)

This cue has been made from top-quality Canadian Maple wood and has stylish tattoo graphics down its length. These eye-catching graphics and the stainless steel rings help to add to overall design and uniqueness of this cue. It has 9 coats of varnish on it which helps to prevent warpage. The fact that it is a 2-piece cue makes it easy to transport and to store away.

EastPoint Sports Composite Billiard Pool Cue 58” (2-Piece)

This cue has been designed for competitive and casual players and makes a perfect upgrade if you are looking for a new cue. The cue is made using quality fiberglass and the grip is made from a titanium material that ensures control and comfort. It has been built in such a way that it will warp as quickly as some other cues. It is a 2-piece cue which means that you will have no problem when it comes to transporting and storing it.

Viper Underground 58” 2-Piece

This cue is made using Canadian Maple wood and has tattoo-style graphics down its length. There are a number of stainless steel rings down the forearm and sleeve which adds to the overall design and uniqueness of the cue. The cue comes equipped with lightweight abs joints that provide consistent feedback to the user when being used. Once again, transportation and storage will not be an issue as it is a 2-piece cue.

GSE Games and Sports Expert 58” (One-Piece)

This is another cue that is made from Canadian Maple wood and it comes equipped with a high-gloss varnish finish that helps to prevent warping and fading. The butt of the cue has been designed in such a way to ensure maximum comfort. As this is a one-piece cue, you might find it harder to store and transport.


Champion Spider 58” (Two-Piece)

The shaft of this cue is made from Rock Maple and has been strengthened using a Nelsonite and Epoxy finish. The coating minimizes the moisture that is absorbed by the Maple, which means that it is more resistant to warping. The joint is stainless steel, which means that the cue will last for a longer time. It has the perfect sized tip to ensure maximum cue ball control, which is obviously very important. Storage and transportation is not an issue as it is a 2-piece cue.

Cuetec R360 Edge Series

This cue is made up of North American Maple wood and has a moisture suppressing coating which helps to limit warping. It comes equipped with a nylon wrap that adds to the comfort when you are gripping it. It has a great sized tip that gives you fantastic ball control without reducing any power. It is a 2-piece cue, so you can store it and transport it very easily.